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ISHS Student Awards

During each ISHS Symposium two student awards will be given:

One award for the best oral presentation given by a student who is in the same time the presenter and first author of the submitted manuscript

One award for the best poster presented by a student who is first author of the work

A special committee, set up by the symposium convener and an ISHS representative, will be responsible for selecting the awardees. Students to be eligible for this award should be enrolled in a university or college and can be undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate (limited to 6 months after finishing the program of study), and with an age limit of 35.

How to participate? Students interested in participating in the ISHS Student Awards should indicate this when submitting their abstract in ROSA by ticking the appropriate box which is available in the abstract entry page. By indicating his/her interest in the ISHS Student Award the student confirms to meet the above-mentioned criteria for participation and agrees to accept the terms and conditions.

ISHS Student Award winners will be recognized in each symposium report published in the quarterly ISHS membership magazine Chronica Horticulturae, including a photo of the award ceremony or the award winners and a brief outline of the winners. Awardees will be invited to write a summary on their research, to be considered for publication in Chronica Horticulturae. A one-year complimentary membership of the ISHS and a Certificate will be awarded to the winners.

Click the image below for a list of past ISHS Student Award Winners' summaries which are equally published in the ISHS news feed on the ISHS web pages:

The ISHS Board by initiating this initiative hopes that these awards will be sought after by young scientists and students, so they can improve their CVs and advance their careers. Let's stand up for our young horticultural scientists!

Practical details:

The ISHS representative or Convener will present the ISHS Student Award certificates to the awardees during the symposium.

The certificates will be mailed to the Convener by the ISHS Secretariat together with the other ISHS promotional material.

The Convener will hand over the certificates to the ISHS representative at the start of the symposium.

The ISHS representative and Convener will fill in the missing details on the certificates prior to the award ceremony (name of the awardee, name of the symposium, signatures of ISHS representative and Convener).

A picture of the awardees will be mailed to the ISHS Secretariat by the ISHS representative.

The ISHS representative – if different from the Chair of the ISHS Section/Commission primary endorser of the symposium – will inform the Chair of the ISHS Section/Commission related to the symposium as well as the ISHS Secretariat on the names and contact details of the awardees and on the titles of the winning presentations.

The Chair of the ISHS Section/Commission primary endorser of the symposium will discuss with the awardees the Chronica Horticulturae Author Information for Student Award Winners and will be in charge of the reviewing and editing of the summary for Chronica Horticulturae prior to sending the summary to the Editor of Chronica Horticulturae.

Student Award winners from symposia of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) will be recognized in each symposium report published in Chronica Horticulturae. It will include a photo of them receiving their certificate if available, and details of the winners. If no such photo was taken, we request that the student supply a photo of themselves. The photograph submitted should be of high resolution (≥ 300 pixels per inch).

In addition, the winners are invited to prepare a summary of their research project to be considered for publication in Chronica Horticulturae. Only a selection of summaries will be chosen, taking the quality of the summary into account and covering a range of topic areas.

Chronica Horticulturae is the quarterly publication of ISHS and is received by all members of the Society and numerous libraries throughout the world. However, it needs to be understood that Chronica is not to be construed as a scientific journal that publishes original research. We seek horticultural articles of interest to a broad audience composed of ISHS members and the horticultural, scientific, and academic communities. Therefore, the articles should be written in language that can be understood by a general horticultural researcher/scientist and not only someone knowledgeable in a specialist subject.

This summary should not exceed 350 words. The wording of each sentence must be different from that written in any other publication. The student must be the sole author of the summary. There are no page charges for Chronica Horticulturae. Send your photo and summary for Chronica Horticulturae to: Jill Stanley, Editor Chronica Horticulturae, or Kelly Van Dijck, Associate Editor Chronica Horticulturae,